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Mimi & Xavier Star in a Museum That Fits Entirely in One’s Pocket
by Becca Barniskis
Anomalous Press, 2013
24 pp
Small Press United
ISBN: 978-1-939781-22-2

In this dramatic poem in three acts, Barniskis introduces readers to Mimi Sprig and Xavier Box, tiny adversaries engaged in “an almost secret war.” Their poetic monologues shimmer with longing as they circle, listening for signs of life and learning to read each other. Mimi and Xavier Star in a Museum That Fits Entirely in One’s Pocket was a finalist in the Anomalous Press Poetry Chapbook Contest, judged by Cole Swensen, and was co-released as an LP with music by composer Nick Jaffe.

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Mimi & Xavier at Anomalous Press









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Mimi & Xavier audio version digital & vinyl







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audio: Animal
(music by Nick Jaffe)


I don’t go to sleep right away

I eat insects that crawl uninvited

into my mouth maybe thinking

it is a cave or safe haven

from the night where dreams spin

as teeth of the saw into blur

I did not mind my hand for looking

at the belt ripping around

the drive wheel

so I lost it

unable to stop

that oncoming car without headlights

or the blast of sound

or remove my headphones anyway they’re rigged

with glue and that man just shoved a piano out the window

I am under

it’s dangerous how your love pins me

makes me want to flee a fight

I do not ever intend to win

once Woody Allen boxed a kangaroo

and Chuck Wepner wrestled a bear

both times the animals came out ahead

because nature always tries

to kill us first

but when you told me that

you would never leave

I mastered it

I kicked it back

on its heels

and locked it up for good

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