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Downrange Telemetrics Phasic Research Group plays Corn Capital Days in Olivia, MN!!!!!

Saturday, July 29, 2017 Phasic Research Group – A Division of Downrange Telemetrics plays at Brly’s Den in Olivia, MN

Along with Sapiosexual Moodlight, The RI, and special 80’s New Wave and Punk covers set from The RI to close out the evening!

211 N 9th St, Olivia, MN 56277

A night of spectacular music amidst the 50th annual Corn Capital days in Olivia, MN!
Join in on a week’s worth of festivities including: Kiddie Carnival, Ice Cream Social, Triathalon, Used Book Sale, Parades, and so much more! Top it all off with some live music Saturday night!

Imagine a passenger train one thousand cars long bearing down on you at speed. In the first car: Dan Fogelberg at 300 decibels. The second: Tim Weisberg at 300 decibels pitch-shifted down two octaves. In the third: Fogelberg. Fourth car: Weisberg pitch-shifted down three octaves. And so it goes for a thousand cars. Downrange Telemetrics Phasic Research Group is here. Featuring the efforts of Nick Jaffe, Becca Barniskis, Soul Reflect, Matthew Keseley, and Shea Drenkow.

Downrange Telemetrics at The New Ruckus Composer Night

Do you like dogs? What about space or church or guns? A little something for everyone at our next Downrange Telemetrics performance at the New Ruckus. We’ll be performing a selection from our new piece “Space Dog Gun Dog Church Dog.” FREE and also interesting.

Monday, April 17 at 7 PM – 9 PM
Studio Z
275 4th St. East, Ste. 200
St Paul, MN 55101

“Sampling” & Poetry: a Poetry Workshop for Grades 6-12

“Sampling” & Poetry

Saturday, April 1, 2017 2:30-4:30  p.m.

at Hamline Midway Library

Want to expand your writing techniques? Join performer and poet Becca Barniskis who will lead a poetry workshop on using “found text” like hip hop beatmakers use samples. We’ll select text from books, newspapers, magazines, song lyrics, video games, etc. and arrange the fragments in different patterns. We’ll look for the collision of unexpected elements through this “sampling,” and expand our notion of what poetry is and what it can do. Feel free to bring your phone or laptop or tablet if you want to make some recordings—or just yourself!

Upcoming Music/Poetry Performances

Saturday, February 25, 2017 Downrange Telemetrics performs as part of the Punk-Ass Classical series.

7:30 pm  *  1322 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN 55105-2607

“This time around we gather in Saint Paul for music that plays with voice and language. At this performance we welcome Downrange Telemetrics, a far ranging experimental duo featuring vocalist Becca Barniskis and guitarist Nick Jaffe. In addition Singer/composer Bethany Battafarano brings “Oda a la paz”, a new collaboration with a group of singers and instrumentalists Nicolas Muñoz and Vladimir Garrido that was recently premiered at the Cedar Cultural Center. “Oda a la paz,” fuses western classical and Latin American musics, made of poems from contemporary Peru and Ecuadorian folklore.

We ask for a $5-$10 donation to help pay our performers and composers and to make Punk-Ass Classical a stable and reliable source of live music in the Twin Cities.

Punk-Ass Classical fosters a lively, diverse, and inclusive contemporary classical and experimental music community in basements, attics, and living rooms throughout the Twin Cities.”

(Poster by Katharine Linnea)


Saturday, March 4, 2017 Pancake7 performs at the Hook & Ladder 

6-8 pm to celebrate Paula Cisewski’s Double Book Launch!

A multimedia poetry party with reading, music, live art making, diversions, refreshments, raffle prizes, and extra special guests, hypermodernsupafunkrocksouldisco band Pancake7

FREEEE and everyone is welcome.

Silent auction proceeds and 20% of book sales will be donated to the ACLU.

Celebrating the release of Cisewski’s third and fourth full-length poetry collections:

The Threatened Everything, Burnside Review Press
Quitter, co-winner of the Diode Editions Book Prize


Upcoming Teaching Workshops


Saturday, Dec. 3 at the Hamline Midway Library in St Paul, Becca is leading a FREE poetry-writing workshop for families and people of all ages from 5-6 pm.

Poetry Lab

Great poems can come from anywhere! This workshop, led by poet and performer Becca Barniskis, offers families a friendly environment in which they can experiment with the words all around us to create poems that they can share, recite, or even illustrate with each other.

More details here.


Becca is teaching a 2-session “Poetry Boot Camp” Saturday, Feb 4 & also Feb. 11 from 9 am – 12 noon at the Loft! Details on the class and how to register here.

Bell Museum Resident Artist Research Project Portfolio – Downrange Telemetrics

Selected Videos and Performances:

Downrange Telemetrics Mobile Unit in Action:

Musical demonstration of Molecular Electronics-Based Guitar Pedal:

Poetry and Music Samples

click image below to read three poems by Becca from her Wilderness Machine series









click image below to listen to  music by Nick: “Katyusha” from the album Sputnik I


Downrange Telemetrics debuts new piece at New Ruckus Composer Night Oct 11!

Join Downrange Telemetrics (Nick and Becca) on Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2016 along with 3 other super-dope composers/groups. DT will be premiering a new piece and soliciting feedback from YOU–if you’re there. And you should be. Our piece, entitled “Cervello Spazio Cosmico #2” is a translation of the drawing of the same name by artist Star Wallowing Bull (the photo below is the work-courtesy of Bockley Gallery, Minneapolis). 7 pm FREE as part of New Ruckus Composers Night.

Studio Z

275 4th St E, Ste 200, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101