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Linesmasher returns on Sat. Dec 2!

Saturday, Dec 2, 2017 at Studio Z * 7 pm FREE

The Linesmasher series returns with genre-smashing performances by space-funk constructors Pancake7, New York guitarist and musician Zen with Josh Salant, and, quite possibly, YOU. Linesmasher 5 will feature an ultra open mic that will be open to all audience members who are invited to perform anything they wish—all they have to do is use Pancake7 in some way.

Linesmasher, hosted by Pancake7, is a groundbreaking performance series dedicated to smashing artistic, cultural, color, gender, and just about any other line you can think of. Expect the unexpected.

Zen is a New York City-based guitarist and songwriter who describes his sound as “Al Green listening to Telemundo.” He’ll be joined by drummer/bassist/audio engineer Josh Salant.

Pancake7 hosts each Linesmasher event and actively collaborates with the featured artists. The band combines the intense, soul-inflected vocals of Sydney Fulton, the modernist/absurdist lyrical sensibilities of poet/vocalist Becca Barniskis, and the idiosyncratic funk-rock guitar stylings of session and touring veteran and producer Nick Jaffe. The band is driven by the deep, hip hop influenced rhythm section of drummer Matt Keseley and bassist Shea Drenkow. P7’s sound draws on broad and deep precedents from post-punk, 70’s and 80’s R&B to avant-garde classical and free jazz. Also hitting the stage with Pancake7 will be Twin Cities’ DJ/producer/multi-instrumentalist, DJ Mickey Breeze.

Josh Salant


from L: Nick Jaffe, Shea Drenkow, Matt Keseley, Sydney Cowan, Mickey Breeze, Becca Barniskis