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Linesmasher #3 on Sat. Sept. 30!!!!

Saturday, September 30      7 pm at Honey in Minneapolis   FREE!

Linesmasher series launches first of six shows September 30 with genre-smashing performances by space-funk constructors Pancake7–joined by DJ Mickey Breeze– emcee/spoken word performance artist Kaoz, and performance artist robert

Hosted by Pancake7, Linesmasher is a performance series dedicated to smashing artistic, cultural, color, gender, and just about any other line you can think of. Expect the unexpected.









A Twin Cities’ groundbreaking performance series—Linesmasher—launches its 2017-18 season on Saturday, September 30 at 7 pm at Honey (205 E Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis) with performances by Pancake7—joined by DJ Mickey Breeze—Kaoz, and robert.

The goal of Linesmasher is to bring together musicians, poets, emcees, and other musical and poetic performers and audiences from as wide a range of backgrounds, milieus, and genres as possible to encourage musical and artistic cross-pollination and innovation. In a rich local music and performance scene like that of the Twin Cities, borders inevitably arise between various artistic communities; most audiences in the Twin Cities tend to follow artists and musicians who perform in a style with which they are already familiar. Linesmasher addresses this head on by creating a vibrant and collaborative space in which disparate performers make and share new work together.

Originally conceived by Pancake7 bandleader Nick Jaffe as a way to bring together a broad range of artists in unexpected ways, Linesmasher received support from the Minnesota State Arts Board to host six more events in 2017-18. Last year’s Linesmasher events saw artists as diverse as Dead People Particles and IBé; Katana Da Don and Sharon Chmielarz sharing the same stage.

Linesmasher #3 will feature Kevin Lanier Moore aka Kaoz who is a native Clevelander and an award winning writer, actor, spoken word artist and HIV educator and activist. Over the years Kaoz has shared stages with major record label acts such as hip hop duo Dead Prez, MIMS, Layzie Bone, Syleena Johnson (TVOne’s R&B Divas) and Brandy, and has ripped mics throughout the U.S. and Canada. Kaoz will be releasing an EP, and in Summer 2017 made his first musical theater/opera debut in the black opera entitled Mother King written by composer and musician Dameun Strange at the Public Functionary in Minneapolis.

Also appearing in Linesmasher #3 will be robert, a South Minneapolis-based multidisciplinary artist. Originally a hip hop-inspired visual artist turned performance poet, they have most recently stepped into performance art. They are currently interested in addressing themes of healing, mindfulness, and deep inquiry into our moment to moment experience. Right now, what is at play? What voice that we take to be us is narrating our life? What else can we find? What is unconscious and asking for our attention? And how can we be in the body, in the moment, attuned to the dialectic and relational field, as we take on these investigations? An invitation to be really here. Spontaneous revelation. Natural unfoldment.

Pancake7 hosts each Linesmasher event and actively collaborates with the featured artists. The band combines the intense, soul-inflected vocals of Sydney Fulton, the modernist/absurdist lyrical sensibilities of poet/vocalist Becca Barniskis, and the idiosyncratic funk-rock guitar stylings of session and touring veteran and producer Nick Jaffe. The band is driven by the deep, hip hop influenced rhythm section of drummer Matt Keseley and bassist Shea Drenkow. P7’s sound draws on broad and deep precedents from post-punk, 70’s and 80’s R&B to avant-garde classical and free jazz. Also hitting the stage with Pancake7 will be Twin Cities’ DJ/producer/multi-instrumentalist, DJ Mickey Breeze.