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Downrange Telemetrics Phasic Research Group plays Corn Capital Days in Olivia, MN!!!!!

Saturday, July 29, 2017 Phasic Research Group – A Division of Downrange Telemetrics plays at Brly’s Den in Olivia, MN

Along with Sapiosexual Moodlight, The RI, and special 80’s New Wave and Punk covers set from The RI to close out the evening!

211 N 9th St, Olivia, MN 56277

A night of spectacular music amidst the 50th annual Corn Capital days in Olivia, MN!
Join in on a week’s worth of festivities including: Kiddie Carnival, Ice Cream Social, Triathalon, Used Book Sale, Parades, and so much more! Top it all off with some live music Saturday night!

Imagine a passenger train one thousand cars long bearing down on you at speed. In the first car: Dan Fogelberg at 300 decibels. The second: Tim Weisberg at 300 decibels pitch-shifted down two octaves. In the third: Fogelberg. Fourth car: Weisberg pitch-shifted down three octaves. And so it goes for a thousand cars. Downrange Telemetrics Phasic Research Group is here. Featuring the efforts of Nick Jaffe, Becca Barniskis, Soul Reflect, Matthew Keseley, and Shea Drenkow.