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Poetry inspired by Downrange Telemetrics

Downrange Telemetrics had the distinct pleasure of performing Nov. 20, 2015 in Milwaukee, WI for a Burdock event at Nick’s HouseKeith Gaustad and pipblank also performed with us. What is also cool is that one of the people in the audience, poet JoAnn Chang, was inspired by our performance and wrote these two poems in response. Enjoy!


If you are seeking a position with a fish school,

you must learn to eat minnows.

Do not come to me

with your hypocritical pseudo-ethical conundrums

protesting that minnows are fish too.

We know that minnows are fish

and we know that fish eat fish.

If cannibalism is a part of your heritage,

you should embrace it.

Go out there and eat every minnow you see.

I don’t give a damn,

if you’re allergic to seafood.


inspired by a reading by Becca Barniskis and Just Nick

at the bar, NICK’S HOUSE




You never take me out

Out    of this room

Out  of this house

Out  of this street

Out  of this block

Out   of this city

Out   of this state

Out   of this country

Out   of this world

Out   of this solar system

Out   of this galaxy

Out   of this universe

out   OUT   OUT


copyright JoAnn Chang